JOBOY- Someone who is good at everything. Literally EVERYTHING. (Urban Dictionary)

JOBOY brings the best of experts in Home services, Local services, Home Maintenance, Appliances repairs, Utility services, Lifestyle services, Beauty services, Medical services, Repair & Maintenance, other professional local service providers, local bill payments, and a marketplace for shopping to you, right where you are.

We have integrated multple payment solutions like online payment gateways, UPI and multiple wallets. Also, JOBOY uses real time GPS service to capture customers current location and to limit the city bouderies. JOBOY has a complete ecommerce solution for servic\ng the local market.

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  • Client


  • Sector

    Hyperlocal Services

  • Services

    Home Services, Payments, eCommerce and Deals

  • Type

    On-Demand Services

  • Technologies Used

    HTML, Javascript, PHP CI

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