Checklist For An Effective Website Development

Checklist For An Effective Website Development

Checklist For An Effective Website Development

What are the most vital needs for website development so as to increase brand awareness as well as to generate more sales leads. Our checklist for an effective website in order of priority given below:

  1. Purpose & Goals

One of the most vital tasks of site-building is to find out the goals of your business website. Defining goals and purpose for your site helps to determine who your target audience is, what their challenges are, what they deem important, etc. Once you know the prime goals of your website, you can effectively organize and prioritize web page content.

  1. Website Design & Navigation

Website design services plays a key role whenever you have online visitors whether you have a great product or service. Providing amazing user experience come through a great choice of design and interface. Ensure that you have great design and navigation and must test it yourself as a user. Besides, invite your family members and friends to test your website design India and make changes based on their experience.

  • Branding & Identification

Your site must express the value you bring and your unique competitive advantage. The website development company logo is prominently displayed on the header of each page. And the color scheme is compatible with the logo and overall brand. Besides, contact information should be connected to each page of the website.

  •  Legal & Compliance

Do you have in place right terms and conditions of use? Do you collect any personal data via your website and what is it’s use? Does your website development company make use of cookies? Is your Intellectual Property adequately protected? How accessible is your website? These issues should be resolved in a site compliance audit. A copyright notice looks at the bottom of each web page. A permission is acquired for all the pictures used on your website.

  • Security & Technical

You need to use secure credit card processing service as well as display the right logo to instill customer confidence. Ensure that all forms have tested and do function properly. Also, resulting data from sales is stored in a good order and easily accessed.

  • SEO Maximization

Each web page has a unique page title. Web page text also includes many keywords, which improves search engine ranking. You must provide a considerable amount of relevant and valuable content on your web pages for optimal SEO. Also, submit your site regularly to search engine or use a submission service to do so. You need to determine if your website development company meets the criteria. This will engage your site visitors, and compel them to take action.